Let's Give Thanks- Pastor Richardson

Cristo es el centro -Hermanas Glorias

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The Power of Forgiveness - Pastor Richardson 11-14-18

More Than Pocket Change- Pastor Richardson

Because of the Anointing- Pastor Richardson



Faith in God - Bro. Curtis Young Sun 11-4-18

Chosen But Totally Unqualified- Pastor Richardson Sun 11-4-18 am

Souls Without Prayer (Espanol) Sun PM

Little is Much When God is in it- Pastor Richardson SUN AM

Little Is Much - Espanol

The Fire Still Falls- Pastor Richardson 10-24-18

Latter Rain- Robert Rodela- Sun Pm 1-20-18


Latter Rain - Espaol

Choices Determine Eternal Destiny- Pastor Richardson Sun AM

Divine Intervention- Pastor Richardson 10-17-18

Things To Rejoice About- Pastor Richardson

A Love For the Name of Jesus- Pastor Richardson 10-10-18

Living With Expectancy- Pastor Richardson

Walking with God- Bro. Savala

I'm not an Egyptian I'm an Israelite- Pastor Richardson

The Gospel in English/Spanish - Pastor Richardson/ Patterson

The Danger of Things Present- Bro. Craft

From Jordan To Jerusalem- Bro. Coon

Strengthen Our Love For God- Pastor Richardson Weds 8-20-31

The Christian Family- Bro. Reyes

Preaching- Bro. Fragoso Sun AM 8-26-18

Strengthen The Altar - Pastor Ricardson Weds 8-22-18

REFOCUS RALLY - I Will Not Bow- Bro. Cox

A Crime Against Nature- Pastor Richardson 8-15-18

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The Point of Desperation- Pastor Richardson

The Setting Up of Standards- Pastor Richardson 8-1-18

Good Sunday Night Preaching- Pastor Richardson 7-29-18

Divine Overlay- Pastor Richardson Sun AM

Strengthen The Landmarks : Separation Is A Privilege

Strengthen The Landmarks : What Is Holiness?

Revival of The Fallen Soldiers- Bro. Crosby 7-14-18 PM

The Fools of The Bible- Pastor Richardson 7-14-18 AM

Stay In The Process- Pastor Richardson 7-8-18

Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom? - Pastor Richardson 7-3-18

Lesser Glories- Pastor Richardson SUN PM

Without A Breakthrough There Is No Future- Pastor Richardson Sun AM

Father's Day Message - Pastor Richardson Sun AM 6-17-18

Negatives Into Positives- Pastor Richardson Weds 6-13-18

Renew My Spirit- Bro. Crosby Sun PM 6-10-18

The Doctrine of Heaven Part 3- Pastor Richardson

The Doctrine of Heaven- Pastor Richardson

An Altar- Bro Rodela 6-3-18

Memorial We Should Never Forget - Pastor Richardson

Pentecost Sunday - Bro. Patterson

Dealing With Discouragement - Pastor Richardson

Bro. Reyes- Heaven on Earth

Bro. Reyes - The Answer God Is Looking For

Advance or Die - Pastor Richardson 4-25

Sick of The Palsy- Bro. Duncan

The love of The Shepherd- Pastor Richardson Friends Day

A Place of Refuge- Pastor Richardson Wed 4-4-18

Stay Away From The Window Seat

Wednesday 3-28-18 - Bro, Cox

Our Heavenly Connection- Pastor Richardson 3-25-18 AM

The Most Important Scripture in the Bible- Bro. Cox

My Main Weakness- Bro. Cox

Deliverance From A Minimalistic Mentality- Bro. Wilmoth

Go Bury Your Excuse- Bro. Wilmoth

Bro. Crosby - To The Spirit of The Backslider

Bro. Cox - Cast Away Your Past

See Our Pastor Be Recognized for 35 Years of Ministry



Hear The Recent Word


Bro. Cox - A  New Chapter - SUN AM 2-18-18

Sis. Trout- Defining Moments of Destiny - Ladies Conference 2018

Bro. Reyes- Your Reward Is On The Way Wed 1-31

Bro. Reyes- Rise Up SUN PM 1-28

Pastor Richardson - Being Stedfast SUN PM 1-21-18

Pastor Richardson- The Ministry of Angels Sun AM 1-7-18

Pastor Richardson- Endings Usher In New Beginnings 12-31 SUN AM

Pastor Richardson- Clean Hands, Clean Feet 12-27 WED

Pastor Richardson- You Are The Reason For The Season 12-10 SUN AM

Pastor Richardson - Parable of the Sower WED 11-29-17

Pastor Richardson-Behold I Show You A Mystery SUN AM 11-26-17

Rattle Those Chains - Bro. Randy Keyes SUN PM 11-20-17

Thanksgiving Testimonies @ The Cross

Pastor Richardson- Roots, Leaves & Fruit SUN PM 11-12-17

Bro. Crosby - The Empty Pew SUN PM 11-5-17

Pastor Richardson- The Gift of The Spirit Weds Night 11-1-17

Bro. Bertrum - The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob 35th Anniversary SUN AM

Bro. Cordova- Believing His Word 10-8-17 SUN PM

Bro. Crosby - Where Are We? 10-8-17 SUN AM

Bro. Rick Keyes : Expect The Unexpected : 10-1-17 SUN PM

Download Expect The Unexpected

Pastor Richardson : Welcome To The Cockpit 10:1:17 SUN AM

Download Welcome To The Cockpit


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