Easter Sunday! April 1st

Come Celebrate the greatest event in the history of the world!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what gives us Hope every day.

Sunday April 1st, 10 AM

Friend's Day

Sunday April 15th!

Bring a Friend, Come with a Friend, Or just come to be a Friend and make a new one.


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The Most Important Scripture in the Bible- Bro. Cox

My Main Weakness- Bro. Cox

Deliverance From A Minimalistic Mentality- Bro. Wilmoth

Go Bury Your Excuse- Bro. Wilmoth

Bro. Crosby - To The Spirit of The Backslider

Bro. Cox - Cast Away Your Past

See Our Pastor Be Recognized for 35 Years of Ministry



Hear The Recent Word


Bro. Cox - A  New Chapter - SUN AM 2-18-18

Sis. Trout- Defining Moments of Destiny - Ladies Conference 2018

Bro. Reyes- Your Reward Is On The Way Wed 1-31

Bro. Reyes- Rise Up SUN PM 1-28

Pastor Richardson - Being Stedfast SUN PM 1-21-18

Pastor Richardson- The Ministry of Angels Sun AM 1-7-18

Pastor Richardson- Endings Usher In New Beginnings 12-31 SUN AM

Pastor Richardson- Clean Hands, Clean Feet 12-27 WED

Pastor Richardson- You Are The Reason For The Season 12-10 SUN AM

Pastor Richardson - Parable of the Sower WED 11-29-17

Pastor Richardson-Behold I Show You A Mystery SUN AM 11-26-17

Rattle Those Chains - Bro. Randy Keyes SUN PM 11-20-17

Thanksgiving Testimonies @ The Cross

Pastor Richardson- Roots, Leaves & Fruit SUN PM 11-12-17

Bro. Crosby - The Empty Pew SUN PM 11-5-17

Pastor Richardson- The Gift of The Spirit Weds Night 11-1-17

Bro. Bertrum - The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob 35th Anniversary SUN AM

Bro. Cordova- Believing His Word 10-8-17 SUN PM

Bro. Crosby - Where Are We? 10-8-17 SUN AM

Bro. Rick Keyes : Expect The Unexpected : 10-1-17 SUN PM

Download Expect The Unexpected

Pastor Richardson : Welcome To The Cockpit 10:1:17 SUN AM

Download Welcome To The Cockpit