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Pastor Richardson- The Ministry of Angels Sun AM 1-7-18

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Pastor Richardson- Endings Usher In New Beginnings 12-31 SUN AM

Pastor Richardson- Clean Hands, Clean Feet 12-27 WED

Pastor Richardson- You Are The Reason For The Season 12-10 SUN AM

Pastor Richardson - Parable of the Sower WED 11-29-17

Pastor Richardson-Behold I Show You A Mystery SUN AM 11-26-17

Rattle Those Chains - Bro. Randy Keyes SUN PM 11-20-17

Thanksgiving Testimonies @ The Cross

Pastor Richardson- Roots, Leaves & Fruit SUN PM 11-12-17

Bro. Crosby - The Empty Pew SUN PM 11-5-17

Pastor Richardson- The Gift of The Spirit Weds Night 11-1-17

Bro. Bertrum - The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob 35th Anniversary SUN AM

Bro. Cordova- Believing His Word 10-8-17 SUN PM

Bro. Crosby - Where Are We? 10-8-17 SUN AM

Bro. Rick Keyes : Expect The Unexpected : 10-1-17 SUN PM

Download Expect The Unexpected

Pastor Richardson : Welcome To The Cockpit 10:1:17 SUN AM

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