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(AWESOME) Bible Studies by Pastor Richardson!

The Battleground for the High Places

Satisfied with Lessor Glories

Ride the Wild Horses of Your Life

Nine Statements that Prove that Jesus is the Mighty and only God

Setting Up Standards

Leaving the Glories of the Past for a Greater Glory

Knowing the Joyful Sound

In House Miracles

How Far Can God Reach?

He Hath Turned my Sorrows Into Dancing

The End Time is Upon Us

God Works the Night Shifts

God Never Reaches The end of His Possiblities

The Four Blood Moons

Does it Matter How We Dress?

Burnt Past for a Bright Future

Advance or Die

A Hole in the Hedge

A Crime Against Nature

The Power of the New Birth

Facing Discouragement and how to deal with it

The Language of Faith

Conquering the Spirit of Fear

A Love That Never Dies

What Manner of Love

Times of Refreshing

The "RE" Words

The Army of One

The Difference Between Hades and Hell

Saving Yourself

Number Three in the Bible

Miracles Happen Beyond Obedience

Meet the Miracle Worker

In House Miracles

Hearts that God has Touched

Capturing the Spirit of Revival

Building on a Sure Foundation

It is time for the Church to Arise

The Source and Secret of Spiritual Blessedness

Eternal State of Man

Looiking For that Blessed Hope

Four Steps in Healing a Wounded Spirit

we were all born with an terminal disease

What Manner of Love

A Name above all names

From Start to Finish

The Transforming Power of Jesus

The Power of Repentence

The Lost Coin of Pentecost

The Past

Being Anchored to the Past, Brings Revival to the Present and the Future

How to Become a Better Leader

The Purpose of His Coming

How to deal with Depression and Discouragement

Names of People who rejected God

Nine Statements That Prove that Jesus is the Mighty God

Five Stones of Hendrance to Revival

IIt´s a Beautiful Gospel, But I can´t see it

His Invested Power in s so we could become Like Him

Satan´s Greatest Nightmare

Having Therefore These Promises

Never was so much owed by so many by so few

Arise and put on Beautiful Garments

Communion Service Message

The Heavenly Connection

Is anybody Listening

Trees of Righteousness

The Ministry of Restoration

The Blessing of the Second Born

Stay in the Flow

The Power of your Song

Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a Future

Having a clear Understanding of the Word of God

I Will Build Again

The Touch that Makes a Difference

A Name that the Gentiles Trust

The Things that God Chose and Why

meet the Miracle Worker

Knowing Your Place

One Man or One Women Can Make a Difference

Endings Usher in New Beginnings

And They Continued

When we all Get to Heaven

Is Jesus the Lord of your Mind?

Weapons that Work

He hath turned my sorrow into dancing

Be not deceived, God is not mocked

Sowing Good

Help is on its Way

So Send I You

Communion Service Message

The Revelation of the Mystery

Sure Things that will Happen in 2011

Foot Washing Service

The Power of Pentecost

When Heaven Gets Involved

God the Gift Giver

The Power of Pentecost #1

What does the Shield of Faith Shield us from

Mid-Course Corrections

"Thanks Living"

How Thankful are you?

Six Ingredients Including The Spoon

A God that can deliver

Finding that certain place

Azus Street Prophecies for our Day

I am glad to be part of the Church

Fatal Distractions

The Heavenl Connection

Ten Little Christians

The Pattern and the Glory

The Great Mystery of the New Testament Church

A God First Life

Knowing the Joyful Sound

When your doubts Interfere with your faith

The Great Escape

The Power of Humility

Succumb or Overcome

God is still looking for Hungry and Empty Vessels

Guardians of the Glory through our Obedience

When I was without strength

Masai Tribe in Africa

Jews and Muslims

Poam "Never Found the Time"

Worshipers by Divine Appointment

What Takes Place in your Spirit

Turning Physical Drives into Spriitual Power

Stand Fast in the Liberty

The Power of Divine Overlay

The Distraction of Things

Separation is a Privilege

Understanding the Father´s Love

Go Tell My People

Five Stones of Hindrance to Revival

Planted to Flourish in the House of God

Classes of People who need the Holy Ghost



Latter Day Outpouring of The Spirit

Liberalism and Neo-Orthodoxy

Battleground for the High Places

The Numerical Principles of the Bible

Living Above the Snake Line

God´s Plan for your Life and its Benefits

Stay in the Flow

The Other Side of Obedience

Save Yourself

The Echo of Life Comes Back

Easter: Death Doesn´t Have the Last Word

Latter Day Outpouring of His Spirit

The Nazarite Vow


Keeping Your Love For the Truth

Apostolic Dialogue with Muslim People

Spiritual Warfare

Unclaimed Prayer and Promises

Run To The City

What A Difference A Day Can Make

Miracles Thrive on the Desires of your Expectancy

Separation Is Still God

The Perfect Storm

A God First Life

The Beauty of the Blood Washed Church

Speaking in Tongues

The Trees of Righteousness

Meet The Miracle Worker

PRAYER: The Key To Revival in 2010

Reaching Within... in 2010

Our Past Had a Future

Heavenly Encounters Lead To God

Things Jesus Asks Us To Do

Ministry Of Tears

The Ministry of Tears

Endings Usher In Powerful New Beginings

Thy Kingdom Come

Not Despising the Day of Small Things

The Tale of Two Paths

The Lost Coin of Pentecost

The New Darkness

The Importance of a Name

Thanks to Calvary

The Journey of Life

Turning Contrary Winds into Victory

The Inernal Workings of Christ in You

The Challenge of Conformity - Youth Night

The Three Persuasions

In Bonds of Love

The Latter House Is Going To Be Greater Than The Former House

Ride The Wild Horses of Your Life

Finding Favor and Bearing the Name of Jesus

A Love For The Name of Jesus

The Fools of the Bible

The Sacrifice of All

Let Them Make Me A Sanctuary

The Power and Importance of One

Beware Lest Thou Forget

A More Sure Word Of Prophecy

The Faith Factor

Why Did God Choose Tongues

Why I Am Glad To Be A Christian

Affection for the Eternal

Double Up On The Devil

By What Power or By What Name

Delivered From The Power of Darkness

Soul Winning Lesson #2

Soul Winning Lesson #3: The Forbidden Realm

Leadership Lesson

Trust In The Lord

The Ministry of the Angels of God

Storing Up Treasures

How To Defeat The JW Doctrine

I Am The Church

The Anchor Holds (Song Lyrics)

Knowing the Joyful Sound

Conquering The Spirit of Fear

Being Fully Persuaded

The 10 Most Unforgettable Sounds

The Name That Is Above Every Name

The Challenge of Conformity

9 Statements That Prove Jesus Is The Mighty God

How Great Is Our God

To Be An Overcomer

This Is The Victory

The Ministry of Jesus Christ

A Trillion Dollars & Our National Debt

The Two Conformities


How Well Do You See

The Mystery Of Israel´s Flag

And We Shall Be Changed

Blessed Is The Man Whom The Lord Chooseth

Why I Am Glad To Be A Christian

Leadership Commission

Foot Washing Service

The Power of Prayer

And He Gave Gifts Unto Men

Building a Life That Lasts

Don´t Be Satisfied With Lesser Glories

The Five Faces of the Cross

Our Dependence Upon God

Conquering The Spirit of Fear

The Devine Preeminence of Jesus

Today If You Will Hear His Voice

How to Stay Blessed

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

The Putting on of Garments


Save Yourself From This Untoward Generation

If My People Will... I Will

The Forgiveness of Sins

The Heart of the Matter... Is the Heart

Spiritual Warfare

Trees of Righteousness

A Crime Against Nature

End Time Series 1

End Time Series 2

End Time Series 3

End Time Series 4

End Time Series 5

End Time Series 6

The Importance of Prayer

The Touch That Makes a Difference

The Hope and Destiny of the Church

The Numerical Principal 1

The Numerical Principal 2

The Numerical Principal 3

The Fire Still Burns

Children´s Dedication

Resurrection Proof

Lift Jesus Higher

Studies in First Peter

The Power of Forgiveness 3

What Happens When You Don´t Forgive

Sometimes Forgiveness Doesn´t Come Easy

Things That Need To Be In You

Watch Where You Walk

When Not to Speak

Basic Guide to Taming the Tongue

Things That Can Destroy Our Walk With God - Lesson 1 Anger

Things That Can Destroy Our Walk With God - Lesson 2 The Tongue

He Hath Put a New Song In My Heart

Studies in the Epistle of Peter - Lesson 1

Studies in the Epistle of Peter - Lesson 2

Studies in the Epistle of Peter - Lesson 3

Don´t Let What You See Cancel Out What You Know

He Brought Us Out to Bring Us In

From Rags to Riches

Food Washing Service

Communion Service

To Succumb or To Overcome

Who Shall Abide and Who Shall Dwell

Lord, I Want To Be A Christian in My Heart

The Power of Forgiveness

The Forgiveness of Sin

A New Love For The Word of God

Speaking in Tongues

How To Be A Qualified Interpreter of God's Word

The Second Coming Of The Lord

Being a Stewart of God Part 3

Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

To Know The Love of God

Being a Stewart of God Part 2

Being a Stewart of God Part 1

Obedience That Sets You Free

Burnt Past for a Bright Future

How They Continued To Have Revival

Standing Walking Running

Yet Will I Rejoice in the Lord

Five Levels of Boldness

There Is None Like Him

A Place Called Calvary

The Mind is a Battleground

Have You Received Since You Believed?

Overcoming The Attacks of Satan

When Winning Counts

Father's Day Service

Doctrine of Heaven Part 2

Doctrine of Heaven Part 1

We Must Never Forget

I Would That No Man Perish

Four Suppers

The Chief Corner Stone

Element of Faith

The Fools of the Bible

Devine Preeminence of Jesus Christ

God The Gift Giver

Having A Deep Love for God's Word

A Touch That Makes The Difference

Unchanging God in Changing Times

What God Has Called His People to Be

Foot Washing Service

Clean Heart and a Clean Spriit

Psalm 91

Strength Song and Salvation

Whom The Son Has Set Free