Oscar & Erin Rodrigues

Senior Pastor

Oscar & Erin Rodrigues

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Our Senior Pastor Oscar and his wife Sis. Erin Rodrigues have meant so much to Tabernacle of Praise for decades.  Pastor Oscar was sent to Manteca all the way from Portugal with the intentions of training as the Assistant Pastor to then Pastor, Bishop Richardson.  

During that time he married Sis. Erin Chapman and soon after, they had two children, Levy and Lily.  The Rodrigues family was appointed as missionaries to Portugal after Bro. Rodrigues assisted  Pastor Richardson for 12 total years.  The Rodrigues family returned as Pastor to the church he was raised in.  

After overseeing the country of Portugal for 8 years, establishing a flourishing work of united churches in Portugal and training many pastors and ministers to continue the work, the Rodrigues family was voted in as Senior Pastors of Tabernacle of Praise and have returned to Manteca, Ca.